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Invite us over for an Elevated In home, FIne Dining Experience.

Our servers will tend to your guests as our chefs ensure you take off on the highest quality meal. 



We will work to create a custom menu with up to 7 courses that's unique to your palette. You have the option to infuse only sauces and serve them aside your dishes.

Due to legalities we cannot sell the cannabis to you but we will direct you with easy options to secure it.


No mixing. Just kidding your an adult, but we HIGHLY recommend you choose weed on the night of your dinner party.


We create custom mocktails with cannabis syrups and concentrates mixed with fresh fruits and juices that compliment your menu.


Invite up to 20 guests over to be waited on by our trained waitstaff.

ALL GUESTS MUST BE 21 or older with valid identification. Your discretion is our priority.


We are happy to accommodate most dietary restrictions. 


Patria demands excellent service when shes out on the town so we aim to exceed her HIGH expectations.

Each course is individually plated on our branded china and served hot or chilled table side. Expect waters to remain full and your server to expect your next need. 

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